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This application of Astrology has contributed much to my work as a long term.

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Kepler can be used by people with any level of experience, from novice to professional. Solar Arc MC with corresponding Asc at the You can print the Nakshatras of your Moon, with a chart interpretation of its meaning, and a listing of the.

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Key Words: Words that encapsulate the meaning of an astrological factor. Lunar Mansions: 27 traditional sectors nakshatras of the zodiac, where the Moon M.

Medium Coeli : One of four major points in the birth chart and is at the top af. Even if you believe in Astrology, I would like to advise that you should not frequently visit to. Cancer Midheavens are natural nurturers, with a lot of compassion and an artistic, creative approach to their work. They may have a lot of ups and downs in their career because of an innate restlessness that is caused by suppressing their emotional side.

They need a career that allows them to utilize their intuition and their ability to care for others.

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They make fantastic chefs, social workers, teachers, and life coaches. Leo Midheavens go after their goals with unwavering faith in themselves; they're courageous in their choices and decisions, but should look out for an attitude of arrogance or impatience. They excel in careers that put them in the spotlight, or in the public eye in some way — as motivational speakers, actors, singers, or dancers.

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  6. Anything that allows them to shine like the stars they are. Virgo Midheaven people have an eye for detail, and a gift for analysis and criticism.

    Uranus on Midheaven and in Opposition to Hiroshima

    They excel in any career that allows them to apply their perfectionistic tendencies to good use, and their interest in bettering both themselves and the world around them. Libra has a talent for presenting themselves with diplomacy and charm, as they pride themselves on their ability to seek balance. They are always out to seek justice, fairness, and equality, and are willing to fight for it if need be. They excel as lawyers, managers, judges, or couple's therapists.

    Scorpio Midheavens make it their goal in life to shine light into the darker areas of human existence that otherwise will go unknown or unnoticed.

    The Medium Coeli in Astrology

    They have an innate ability to see the truth underneath the lies, or the stories we tell ourselves, and believe that exposing these truths is a difficult but necessary job. They make fantastic detectives, criminal psychologists, actors, or energy healers. Sagittarius Midheaven people are on.

    The Midheaven is, then the most visible point in the chart. It is in every sense, the point of culmination. The IC, on the other hand, is the most hidden, least visible point in the chart; it is also the foundation of the chart.


    Traditionally, the IC and the 4th house relate to the Father, while the MC and the 10th house relate to the mother. We often overlook the fact that because the angles are axes, that considering one without the other is only getting half of the picture. The key with any axis, with any perfect opposition, is to find balance between the energy and motivations represented by the signs. A person with Pisces on the MC will want to appear as compassionate and spiritual; a person with Aries on the MC will want to appear strong and independent.

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    Looking at the house, sign, aspects, and general condition of the planet that rules the sign on the Midheaven will give more insight into how an individual may tend to go about pursuing their life path. The thing to keep in mind about the MC is that it represents how and where we want to be recognized and appreciated for our individual contributions to society.