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It was a time when other forces came into play, similar to the pagan concept of Samhain when ghosts walk the earth. Being born in this sign does not mean you are unlucky though. It means you likely have a strong connection to the other worlds and other realms. Embrace this. You have an affinity for extra-sensory perception, esp, and walk between this world and the next.

Both Jaguar and Chief refer to positions of power in ancient Maya. You can bring clear vision and direction to those around you while remaining sensitive to their needs. Your gift is at the forefront guiding others around you. You have an affinity for the earth and doing grounding meditations will enhance your gifts. As with the Sac sign, you share the frog animal totem. Through frog you can easily shift from one level of consciousness to the other. You are likely a mystical person who searches for hidden wisdoms and mysteries.

Your power animal is the deer, more specifically the stag. The deer is a symbol of grace and connection with the forest. The staf is the noble leader of these forest people. Embrace the energies of grace and nobleness in your life. Red is your power color. Interestingly one has the ability to move freely through the air and the other through water. Air and water are your elements. Bats are highly sensitive creatures and your strengths from them are intuition, sensitivity, and the ability to see through illusion. The fish represents the subconscious and depth.

Your fish totem combines with your bat totem to provide you with a deep intuition that is not available to most people. Sec: October 14th to November 2nd Meanings : Sky and Earth Mayan Astrology Signs Interpretation : Those born in the sign of Sec are very specifically associated with two elements: earth and sky wind, air. You most likely have a fascination with the sky and are interested in all things from above. Air is the element of mental energies and earth is the element of practicality.

Between these two you have the gift of examining any situation and discovering the most effective solution. This is a great gift and you can assist the world through your grounded perceptions. The dog was an important animal to the Mayans, who believed that dogs guided people to the next life after they passed from this one. As a result, people born in this sign have the traditional animal totem traits of dog; loyalty, strength, dedication. They also have a strong connection to the next life, and can help those around them release fears of death and passing.

He provided protection against darkness, drought and disease. Those born in this sign are natural healers. You may find you have an affinity for healing those around you, whether with soothing words or as a healing practitioner. This sign also has one downfall which is doubt. Ah Kin was known as the bringer of doubt and indecision. Learn to trust in your decisions and the decisions of those around you. Pay close attention to how weather patterns make you feel, for your power times are associated with water and rainfall.

Your animal totem is the Jaguar. The Jaguar was a power animal for the Mayans, and represented the mysteries of the shamans and the strength of leaders. You have an affinity for both these roles and your life can take you on the path of a spiritual leader. Tags: astrology , Mayan , Mayan zodiac sign , Zodiac , Zodiac sign. What if you were able to change future events right now by simply thinking positive thoughts and affirmations? Even the simplest things make a difference, such as letting a car into heavy traffic […]. For those who are Christian, are you truly following the word of the Lord?

The bible bans the following things many of us experience in every day life, but we do anyways! Round haircuts. Many of us if not ALL have been spiritually or psychically attacked by negative entities as well. If you or someone you know wants to remove negative […]. There are many possibilities that could qualify as […].


Magnetic fields of lava By analyzing the magnetic fields of lava, we can determine that the last magnetic pole reversal was about , years ago. While […]. Are you experiencing health issues that have either been perpetual or just seemingly appeared out of nowhere? Have you […]. During these seven days, there were no punishments for breaking […].

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Send your article to In5D for publication! Crocodile zodiac people like to begin or create new projects, but have a hard time following projects through to the end. Many of their projects may be left unfinished because of this. On the days that Imix is honored the Maya would give appreciation for the water and offer prayers for their dreams to bring wisdom instead of deception. They would often pray for their and their families mental health. The sign of the crocodile has two polar opposites and can be wise and beautiful or unstable and mentally insane.

The best way to spend an Imix day was in meditation near the water. Mayan Astrology Compatibility: Crocodile people are compatible with those that are from the East direction like them such as the Reed, Knowledge, Serpent and Offering signs.

Words for wind people to meditate on are: telepathic, communication, intelligence, psychic, grounding, and inspiration. Wind is symbolic of communication and intelligence. People born under the Ik sign are changeable, adaptable and natural romantics. They often have trouble with commitment in relationships. In Mayan culture the wind is symbolic of the breath of life. They are the communicators who will inspire many with their words. Like the traveling winds people born under the Maya Wind energy have the gift of communication.

The wind is a symbol of spirit and those born under wind or Ik often feel the need to ground themselves. The gift of communication and sharing of ideas comes naturally to wind signs. They are close to spirit and these people will find their words drifting like the wind to touch many people. They will often find themselves in positions as counselors to those closest to them because of their inspiring words and intelligent insight.

The mind of Mayan Wind Horoscope Sign people is very active. They are constantly thinking, which often makes them overlook things that are happening around them. Despite being lost in their own thoughts other people love having conversations with wind people. They are very interesting conversationalists. Positive Traits The Mayan astrology Ik sign people are knowledgeable with a wonderful sense of awareness about themselves and of their surroundings.

They have many interests and will often have more than one career. They can make great public speakers, musicians and singers. Spiritually they have the gift of telepathic communication and psychic abilities. They can make great psychologists, managers or politicians. They also may pursue becoming an inventor or.

They are sensitive to how things look around them and are very mindful of their own appearance. They have a strong imaginations which will go a long way in helping them find solid romantic relationships. Negative Traits A Wind Mayan zodiac sign persons moods can change like the wind and they can become cold and distant. This can negatively affect their relationships. Their changing minds can make them indecisive over thinkers and prone to self destruction. Their indecision makes them have commitment issues. Their minds also have a tendency to drift like the wind.

They can become dishonest and may be inconsiderate of the feelings of others and try to do whatever they please no matter how others may feel. They need to remain focused. Their immense personal power can make others feel a sense of hatred and anxiety around them. The lesson in life for the Ik Maya sign is to be patient and believe in themselves. They should try not to react negatively to their surroundings or get hung up in their insecurities. They are more in control of things than they realize. As their mind drifts off to day dreams they can be here one day and gone the next.

This can lead them to be very imposing and dishonest towards others. On Wind days the Maya would give thanks for all of the blessings of the creator. If you suffer from depression it is a good day for healing those with imbalance. Some keywords to meditate on are abundance, harmony, intuition, dreams, higher knowledge, dawn, and night. It is also known by the name Akbal, Night or House.

It is believed that Dawn people are in charge of passing on traditions and making sure things stay in place.

Mayan Astrology | The Four Pillars | Page 71

Akbal was the guardian of the caves and known as the earth father. He was also known as the guardian of the dawn, when the night becomes day. From the space of night the Dawn comes forth making it easier to make dreams happen. Night Maya astrology sign people are very mindful of their actions and thoughts.

They have an optimistic attitude and work hard at accomplishing their goals to provide security for themselves and their families. They have original, ground breaking ideas that require patience. Combined with their natural poise, strength and open-minded attitude they can have optimal happiness in life. People born during dawn rise early. Their optimistic energy makes others feel alive, enthusiastic, refreshed and cheerful.

They are natural leaders and problem solvers. They have a love for travel and as friends they are loyal and patient. You generally look young, seemingly blessed with eternal youth. Your youthful appearance may be the result of your positive attitude. In later years you will eventually age,but it will be a slow process. Positive Traits The positive outlook of this Mayan day sign keeps their health good. Because they are so open and kind they will need to look out for their health and others zapping their energy.

They might pursue careers as a psychologist, doctor, writer, or mathematics teacher. They are naturally domestic so they might have large families or be attracted to careers that are domestic in nature such as nanny, housekeeper or school counselor. Because you have many interests it will be hard for you to settle on just one. You can see many paths of life and will spend a lot of time deciding which path to take. House Mays sign people have the ability to achieve what others might consider impossible. Once they set their mind to something there is nothing that will stand in their way to reach your goals.

Other people have a lot of respect for them and admire what they can accomplish because you they are genuinely good people. Negative Traits The Akbal Maya horoscope sign have a lot of self doubt and can be rigid and inflexible. If they can be more open-minded then they can find true happiness and balance. Their sensitivity can make their usual positive attitude become negative. This can throw them into depression and feelings of inadequacy.

This will isolate them from those they are close to who are used to their usual sunny disposition. They love their privacy and it is hard for people to get close to them because they only let people know small pieces of them. Dawn days are ideal for prayers for peace and support in business. The energy gives formation of new ideas and the ability to understand the mysteries of the earth.

It is a good time to ask forgiveness for any mistakes youve made. They are also compatible with signs from the east such as Dawn, Crocodile, Knowledge, Reed, and Offering. It symbolizes an inner fire that is the foundation of life force. In some cultures they refer to that energy as the Kundalini. Kan has the energy of human growth and evolution as well as developing humans spiritually. It involves the process of the planets orbiting around the sun. It symbolizes wisdom, seduction and time. The snake Maya astrology sign is a charmer and perfectionist. They dont mind being in the spotlight and want people to notice everything they do.

They need people around them to offer support, and people love to be around them.

Mayan Zodiac Signs – Which One Are You?

People are generally attracted to them which makes it easy to always find themselves in a relationship. Their natural athleticism will keep them strong and healthy over their lives. If their energy goes to their lower selves they can have chronic illnesses. They require a lot of personal space and room to think to themselves.

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They have high goals for themselves and aim to achieve them through their hard work and dedication. In tough times they remain on top because of their brave and fearless personality. They are also the voice of the people, often times speaking up for what they believe in. Positive Traits Lizard Maya horoscope sign have a lot of sexual energy and can use their creativity as a positive outlet.

They are natural leaders that choose to stay behind the scenes. Despite being highly intelligent they lean more towards roles in athletics than in leadership. They need the physical outlet that athletics provides. They may pursue a career as an athlete, engineer or spiritual leader.

They are passionate people. In social settings they are the life of the party and have a lasting impact on others. They dont like to be around superficial people. Their family and friends are very important to them and their passion will come out in defense of them. Negative Traits Seed Maya sun sign people can lose themselves over flattery. On the outside they appear to have bold egos, but on the inside they can suffer from low self esteem. They are not fond of being in the spotlight which can make them shy away from their true potential. They are aggressive and manipulative and overly sensitive to criticism from others.

They are sneaky and can be deceitful. They can be so self absorbed in their own interests and pursuits that they fail to notice what other people think of them. When they are passionate about something they can be a bit too obsessive about it. They need to learn to focus their impulses into artistic outlets. A lizard day is a good time to ask for positive thoughts and for the bringing together of couples. You may also wish to increase your strength and to ask for loved ones youve lost touch with to return. The Maya compatibility for this sign is also seen with their opposite signs from the West such as Monkey, Deer, Bird, Rainstorm and Dawn.

Keywords they should meditate on are: Kundalini, Shakti, balance, life force, magic, and reptilian. It is also known as Chicchan. The serpent was the bringer of rain and in Mayan culture there were four Chicchans. These Chicchans formed a circle around the world and were the guardians of the four corners.

Serpent energy symbolizes life force that moves through the body. The serpent Maya sign is a powerful sign that is hard to put in a box. It holds magical powers and is known as creature that has an intuitive knowing. They have an energy of mystery about them that make it hard for others to get to know them well. They are natural performers with a strong sex appeal that will entice many. They will likely find themselves having a flair for the dramatic, pursuing careers as actors or entertainers. Their dramatic side can also make them prone to temper flairs and dramatic outbursts.

Others will steer clear and will not want to be around them at this time. Positive Traits Serpent Mayan astrology sign people gravitate towards subjects that involve spiritual transformation and the workings of the mind such as psychology. When they have their minds set on a goal they set a clear path to achieving it. They are very charismatic and will have a number of followers over their lifetime. People are interested and intrigued by the serpent energy. Negative Traits Maya Chicchan horoscope sign people are strongly influenced by their feelings and they can become deeply affected by them.

If they become too imbalanced this could lead to various states of depression. They need to try to relax and not be so controlling of themselves. They are not at ease with who they are and may need to work on making their self esteem stronger. Because they are so self aware of their own problems they can be great counselors or just listening ears to friends and family. They must learn to stay grounded so they can avoid unnecessary stress in their lives. If they can achieve balance it will bring out their best traits and make them the most powerful. Since they are so prone to the extremes of life they will need to seek out their own powerful energy to bring them back into balance mentally as well as spiritually.

The Mayan serpent zodiac sign can be on the extreme side of life. They are fascinated with death and everything that involves death. This can also include the death of a relationship, death of a career, or just death of a period in their life. They may go through many transformations and this would have them going through a death of one thing to a rebirth of something new.

Serpent days are good to meditate and ask for a positive outlook on life. It is good to ask for your life force to be energized with positive energy so that you can spread that energy into the world. Couples can ask for reconciliation on Serpent days. Mayan Astrology Compatibility: According to Maya zodiac compatibility, serpents are a sign from the east and they are compatible with other signs from the same direction such as Crocodile, Reed, Offering, and Knowledge.

Keywords they can use to mediate on are: transformation, ancestors, history, rebirth, new, beginnings, mysteries, calm, and strength. Cimi is considered a lucky day to be born because death was a day of transformation, not dying. The sign of Death symbolized the ancestors and getting guidance from the ancestors was central to Mayan cultural practices.

Death is connected to the crown Chakra and so the sign of death brings the world transformation, rebirth and knowledge. People born on Mayan astrology sign of Death have a lot of strength. They have a strong connection to the universe and things unseen. They are the people who will strive to make a difference in the world around them, even in their own backyards. Wealthy people and those in power are drawn to the energy of Death people which often puts them in a position of leadership. This could lead them to traveling the world for business and to help those in need. They are open to new ideas and will make sacrifices for the greater good of others.

They have a calming energy and will be attracted to a career in which they can use that energy to mediate such as becoming a manager, mediator, or business owner. They Mayan Cimi sign people will often lose sight of their personal needs to tend to the needs of others, so its important that they dont lose sight of caring for themselves. If they over-exert themselves this can cause them to feel resentful towards those they were trying to help. Positive Traits Mayan zodiac sign Death people are agreeable and know how to keep their ego in line.

Their lives could become so wrapped up in the lives of others that it will be hard for them to keep their self interests in the fore front. It can be hard for them to process any kind of loss because of their sensitive nature. They can use that selflessness to help better their families and communities and add peace to their own lives in the process. They instinctively know that there are many mysteries in life and have faith that they dont have to understand everything in order to learn from it. They are drawn to conventional religion. Negative Traits Maya horoscope sign Death or Transformer can suffer from mood swings and bouts of anger if they dont pay attention to their gifts.

They are perfectionists and feel that they always need to be in control. They often feel obligated to make sacrifices for others and this may have a negative effect on their own well-being. If they resist making changes to how they do things they could suffer unnecessarily. They need to face their imperfections head on and embrace a new way of doing things.

Honor your ancestors for the knowledge they have left for you. Honor your elders for the wisdom they have given you. Keywords they should meditate on are: accomplishments, intuition, family, ancestors, power, community, and spirit. It is also known as Manik. It symbolizes an opening for all to show the spirituality of life.

They symbolized the relationship between humans and nature. Just like the Deer in the forest, Maya Deer people love to wander. They need solitude in order to experience all the simple pleasures of life. They can wander around aimlessly. Family is very important and they love to be a part of their community, but they also love their freedom and personal space. If they feel that someone is trying to diminish that space they will react immediately. This may make it difficult to establish relationships because their need for freedom conflicts with traditional relationships. They can be surrounded by children, but may not have any of their own due to their love of personal space and freedom.

They can make good advisers or even school counselors. The Mayan astrology Deer sign hide their true selves from public view. They can be prone to falling in love easily and will try everything to make the relationship work. They are hurt easily by people who dont keep their promises. Deer are graceful and elegant. They are naturally drawn to any artistic pursuit.

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  8. Because of their high morals and ideals they make good role models. They are good protectors and stand for all that is good and in balance. They make great psychologists, musicians, poets or writers. Positive Traits The Maya horoscope sign Manik have strong instincts and will do well to follow their feelings. They have a strong intuition and stand solid in the decisions they make. They have a sensitive side to them and only those close to them will get to see that private part of them.

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    They would be excellent executives or high level officials because they are intelligent, good listeners and have great senses. They know how to use their senses to find good career resources and opportunities. Their health will be good because they have a natural strength and perseverance.

    They must be aligned spiritually to make sure the energy that is internal is also reflected in the external. If this falls out of balance they could become weak and sick. Negative Traits Maya day sign Deer have high expectations and it is hard for people to measure up to their high standards. They are the defenders of others, but when it comes to themselves they are defenseless. If they dont have inner peace they become bitter, angry, demanding and violent.

    They can become too dominant when they are out of balance. They demand authenticity on other people, but may be too by the book to do any good to themselves or others. A Deer day is an excellent day for initiation. Thanking the ancestors for all of the wisdom and spiritual guidance is also a good way to honor the day.

    Ask for protection, healing, harmony and balance on this day. Rituals were performed on the day of the Deer to give thanks to the ancestors. Lamat correlates with fertility and new beginnings. It symbolizes transforming into a new you so you can live a life of creation, abundance and love. The symbol for Lamat represents the planet Venus. The Mayan culture associated the planet Venus with death and rebirth. Maya zodiac sign Rabbit people are playful and carefree.

    They are clever people who think that life is a game and they know how to play it. They crave competition and will often create ways to be at odds with people just for the adrenaline it may bring. They love to seek out puzzles to figure out. They enjoy debating, reading, writing, talking and anything that will stimulate their minds and work out some of their energy. In high school they were probably on the debate team as they love to mentally spar with others, sometimes taking the opposing side just for the fun of it. They may have many children and make great parents. They can be overprotective which could make them too smothering when it comes to their children.

    They make great community leaders or heads of sports teams. They will make good doctors, administrators or farmers. They enjoy taking care of people and will be successful at whatever they start. Positive Traits The Maya Star horoscope sign are physically energetic as well as mentally powerful. They love to be the center of attention and have a very competitive side. They love to indulge in competitive sports, games of chess or anything that stimulates them mentally and physically. Because of their constant quest for stimulation many rabbits will be successful and wealthy.

    They will naturally work hard because it helps to balance their energy. They are also naturally responsible workers and very patient. Their gift of communication helps them to be good in positions of authority and to communicate what those in need may want, especially when they arent able to communicate it for themselves. They are competitive, but also very productive. Negative Traits Mayan sign Rabbit can be too competitive and arrogant.

    When their arrogance comes out they think theyre better than others and begin to gossip causing a problem with those they care about. They have a lot of nervous energy and become self-centered because they can be insecure. If they can remain in control of themselves they can use their energy to create positive outcome for everybody. When they feel stressed they should stay away from substance abuse of any kind or self- destructive patterns can set in. When they feel stressed out they can find an outlet in reading a book and going out in nature. This Maya astrology sign can find a lot of inner peace in these things.

    Those that have good balance can work with others in a doctors office or hospital and find great satisfaction in it. Start this day with mediation. Think of how you can expand your perspective and get a deeper look into your inner self. Mayan Astrology Compatibility: According to Maya horoscope compatibility, the Rabbit sign is compatible with those from the same direction such as Wisdom, Sun, Net, and Road.

    It is also known as Muluc or Offering. It is a sign of peace and freedom, but it also encompasses the challenges that we face to maintain those things. It represent paying off your past due debts which can either be spiritual or physical. Mayan Water day sign people are natural leaders who have excellent emotional wisdom. Water is known to be a symbol for emotions so it makes sense that this sign has emotions that run deep. They are wise and aware when it comes to their emotions. Water people are imaginative and will be attracted to careers that can encompass their deep emotions such as an artist where they can use their deep emotions to create their vision.

    They love to dream big and are very intuitive and even psychic. Their intuition coupled with their powerful emotions can lead to a career as a detective, or a forensic psychologist. In relationships the Maya zodiac sign Offering can find that special someone and deeply commit. This commitment and drive will also be helpful in achieving their ultimate goals.

    They have a vision for their life and will try with everything they have to make it come to fruition. They go all the way trying to achieve whatever they desire. This will make them successful in any career they put their minds to. They need to take special care of their health as their immune system can become weak if they let their emotions get the best of them. Positive Traits The Mayan horoscope sign Water are very giving and their compassion for others helps them create good relationships and achieve their highest goals.

    Their best qualities are their strong ideals and creativity. If they learn how to follow their intuition and tap into their emotions, they can instinctively see and know what others dont, giving them the advantage in their careers. This Maya astrology sign are independent and capable of seeking out solutions to their problems. Working to gain balance in their lives and their emotions will make them a more powerful and effective leaders. Negative Traits Maya Water day sign really put their all into the struggles of other people.

    They can do so at the detriment of their own well-being. They can lose their power and focus on positivity and turn their focus more on negativity. If they feel provoked they can let their emotions run wild and start to become obsessive and abusive of their power. They may also turn to addictive behaviors such as drug use, gambling or drinking.

    Their negative emotions can take over their usual compassionate, calm demeanor. They need to stay away from feeling like they have to get revenge or teach someone a lesson. Water days are a good time to analyze your wishes and prayers and connect them to any rituals or practices you follow. Find the connection between your wishes and what you do to manifest them.

    It is also a good time to ask for protection for yourself and loved ones. Mayan Astrology Compatibility: According the to Maya calendar, the direction of water is East and they are compatible with other signs from the East such as Reed, Knowledge, Crocodile, and Serpent. Oc symbolizes new beginnings, new consciousness, and new friends. You will begin to show the world your true self and draw those who see the real you closer to you. You have the capacity to make your dreams a reality. Just like a real dog, the Mayan zodiac sign Dog is loyal and dependable.

    They love to explore new places, people, and ideas, but never stray too far away from what they already know. They work well with others, especially in teams and are always aiming for positions of power and authority. They have high aspirations for themselves and they instinctively know how to judge a situation and assess everything that is going on.

    Their natural instinct for protection can make them excellent community leaders, judges, policemen or business advisers. They are very loyal to their friends and family. They crave freedom in their movements to do what they feel is necessary to protect their loved ones. They will work with a steady purpose to provide for their families and to offer a wealthy legacy. They will often assume the role of the leader in many situations. Endurance and patience come naturally to the Maya Oc sign and they can work for years on something without losing momentum or focus. They have a love for history and the stories that surround historic moments.

    They may do well as history teachers or archaeologists. Positive Traits The Mayan horoscope Dogs are very courageous and protective. They are dedicated to the people they love. They are loving, trustworthy and have a keen instinct to do what needs to be done. They crave order and structure and function better in life when there is organization and control. They are very intellectual and logical.

    If they ever feel things around them are too cluttered they can fall out of balance with their positive side. Negative Traits When the Maya astrology Oc sign negative energy is out of balance they can be too sensitive and often lazy. They will have a hard time getting along with other people because their short- sightedness will make their way seem like the only way. They can be manipulative and flashy. They need to maintain balance in order to keep up an acceptable level of maturity.

    They may have a hard time in relationships because they can lack maturity. Their emotions can be unstable and they can come across as insecure. They can also be sexually promiscuous and violent when out of balance. The energy of the Maya Dog day is a good time to ask for assistance with legal troubles. You can perform ceremonies on this day to neutralize negative energy.

    You should ask for forgiveness for any negative thoughts. If you need advice before acting on a particular issue in your life, the day of the Dog is a good day to ask for guidance. Mayan Astrology Compatibility: Based on Maya zodiac compatibility, the direction of the sign Dog is the North and they are compatible with other signs from the North such as Death, Jaguar, Flint, and Wind. Keywords they should meditate on are beginning, art, confidence, assurance, connection, birth, and creation.

    It is also known by the name Chuen. Monkey is a symbol for joining the past, present and future. It gives us a connection to our subconscious awareness through common ground that we all share. It is the sign of creation and bringing forth creation to humanity. They love to immerse themselves in theater arts or acting. They love to put themselves in a position for any occasion to be on center stage and performing for others.

    Mayan Astrology and Signs

    Life is a stage for the Monkey. They love to be in social situations and they love entertaining people. Surpassing their love of the limelight, they strive to be recognized for their great performances. A good career move for Chuen sign would be acting, acting coach or to seek out careers in the arts so they can do what they love. They are good at careers such as actor, news anchor person, musician, or sales. They have good health, but they have to watch out for their sometimes careless lifestyles as this could lead them to addictions and situations that could negatively affect their health.

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    Positive Traits Mayan zodiac Monkey people are very creative and intelligent. They are generally self motivated and have the gift to motivate others and spread their optimism. They are natural leaders and generally prefer to either be the leader or be independent. They will do things that constantly advertise their good qualities, which many people find attractive. Their confidence and assurance of themselves and their abilities leads them to many great career opportunities especially those in the spotlight.

    They take how others perceive them seriously and they are meticulous in the way they present themselves to others. They have a good sense of humor and love to be the laugh of the party. Negative Traits People born under Monkey Mayan energy can be unfocused. Their thoughts can be scattered and unorganized.

    They may have a difficult time solving their problems. They need to work at being more patient. Instead of spending so much time on the finer details, they should try looking at the larger picture to stop from getting stuck and completing projects. The Maya Chuen horoscope sign have strong personalities that can make other people feel inadequate or inferior. They dont do this intentionally, but it comes across this way to other people who feel their personality is overbearing.

    This will make them have a hard time forming personal relationships. They have to be aware of how theyre coming across to others if they want to have beneficial relationships. Monkey day energy is good for getting inspiration and completing any art projects you may have. Ask for things that relate to the Monkey such as protection of your family, inspiration for an artist or even starting a new job. It is also a good day to throw parties or plan weddings or engagements. According to Maya horoscope compatibility, they are compatible with other signs from the West such as Deer, Dawn, and Bird.

    It is also known by the name Eb or Road. It symbolizes the path in life you take that helps you grow spiritually. In the Mayan tradition Eb was a symbol of a ladder that reached from heaven to earth. Climbing the ladder was a spiritual journey that everyone must go through. This journey became known as the Road of Life. They are very competitive in life, but are easily hurt by any kind of defeat or rejection.

    They are good at solving problems and they are very practical in their thinking. They could make great engineers or designers. They love investigating things and may also be attracted to careers as a private detective, scientist, or police detective. Their competitive nature would make them good at buying goods and trading stocks. Because of their peaceful nature the Maya road sign people will make good spiritual guides or ministers. They also make great teachers and counselors. They are risk takers who have the ability to stay focused on the end result they are trying to achieve.

    This makes it easy for them to achieve whatever they set out to gain. Others are attracted to them because they have a very sincere and caring nature. They have no problem finding a relationship, but they may have a hard time staying in one. When they are out of balance they can be unfaithful, but at their best they are committed and happy. Positive Traits The Mayan Eb horoscope sign generally have an easy-going attitude and laid back personality.

    They love peaceful surroundings and will do what it takes to achieve peace in everyday life. They like to live on their time and would do best working for themselves or for a company that gives them complete freedom of their schedule. Their views on life often go along with the majority which makes them very likeable and easy to get along with. It takes them a while to get going on a project, but they always work hard to achieve the goals they have set for themselves.

    They are great organizers and work hard to lead their community by example. Negative Traits Grass Maya day sign people are reserved and can work so hard that they wear themselves down. They have a nonchalant attitude and can be manipulative which turns people off. It also keeps them too carefree even in unsafe situations.

    They can be indecisive about things. When their feelings are hurt they can have a hard time expressing it. They keep these negative emotions inside which can later on explode at the wrong times.